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KCIX Kickin'
Klassic Kountry
The BEST Classic Country collection ever!
From the 'old western' days (1955) right on through the CB Radio craze (1985)!
KCIX 1940's
The MOST COMPLETE collection of music from 'The War Years' ever compiled!
KCIX Full-Length
1970's Disco
The BEST selection of FULL LENGTH
Disco tunes from the 1970's!
KCIX Lost Hits
Weekly LIVE shows!
An AWESOME collection of great music that isn't played anymore, and some of today's songs that aren't played enough!

Hosted by Live365

The NEW & IMPROVED KCIX Music Jukebox, where you can request any song you'd like and I will post it for a short time for you to listen to on the Jukebox.

This is a database that contains my own personal collection of music. It doesn't contain every song ever recorded (yet), but it is quite large and may have some information you might find useful. Check it out!

KCIX Music Database

You can find Song and Artist information as well as Chart information and Album Cover images.
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