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7" Singles: 901
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Electric Light Orchestra
 (also see: Jeff Lynne)
 COLLECTIONS    8 Items  
 All Over The World  45 Single (Vinyl)
 Sweet Talkin' Woman  45 Single (Vinyl)
 Discovery  CD
 Greatest Hits  CD
 Ole ELO  CD
 Out Of The Blue  CD
 Time  CD
 Destination Unknown  CD Single
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
10538 OvertureElectric Light Orchestra19711
21st Century ManElectric Light Orchestra19811
Across The BorderElectric Light Orchestra19771
Show Lyrics All Over The WorldElectric Light Orchestra19801
Another Heart BreaksElectric Light Orchestra19811
Believe Me NowElectric Light Orchestra19771
Big WheelsElectric Light Orchestra19771
Birmingham BluesElectric Light Orchestra19771
Boy BlueElectric Light Orchestra19741
Calling AmericaElectric Light Orchestra19861
Can't Get It Out Of My HeadElectric Light Orchestra19742
ConfusionElectric Light Orchestra19791
DaybreakerElectric Light Orchestra19741
Destination UnknownElectric Light Orchestra19901
Do YaElectric Light Orchestra19771
Don't Bring Me DownElectric Light Orchestra19791
Show Lyrics Don't Walk AwayElectric Light Orchestra19801
Drum DreamsElectric Light Orchestra19801
EpilogueElectric Light Orchestra19811
Evil WomanElectric Light Orchestra19752
Fire On HighElectric Light Orchestra1975, 19772
Four Little DiamondsElectric Light Orchestra19831
From The End Of The WorldElectric Light Orchestra19811
Here Is The NewsElectric Light Orchestra19811
Hold On TightElectric Light Orchestra19811
Show Lyrics I'm AliveElectric Light Orchestra19801
It's OverElectric Light Orchestra19781
JungleElectric Light Orchestra19771
KuiamaElectric Light Orchestra19761
Last Train To LondonElectric Light Orchestra19791
Livin' ThingElectric Light Orchestra19761
Ma-Ma-Ma BelleElectric Light Orchestra19731
Midnight BlueElectric Light Orchestra19791
Mr. Blue SkyElectric Light Orchestra19781
Need Her LoveElectric Light Orchestra19791
Night In The CityElectric Light Orchestra19781
On The RunElectric Light Orchestra19791
PrologueElectric Light Orchestra19811
Rain Is FallingElectric Light Orchestra19821
Rock 'N' Roll Is KingElectric Light Orchestra19831
Rockaria!Electric Light Orchestra19761
Roll Over BeethovenElectric Light Orchestra19732
Shine A Little LoveElectric Light Orchestra19791
ShowdownElectric Light Orchestra1973, 19762
Standin' In The RainElectric Light Orchestra19771
StarlightElectric Light Orchestra19771
Steppin' OutElectric Light Orchestra19771
Strange MagicElectric Light Orchestra19762
Summer And LightningElectric Light Orchestra19771
Sweet Is The NightElectric Light Orchestra19771
Sweet Talkin' WomanElectric Light Orchestra19781
Telephone LineElectric Light Orchestra19771
The Diary Of Horace WimpElectric Light Orchestra19791
The FallElectric Light Orchestra19801
The Lights Go DownElectric Light Orchestra19811
The Way Life's Meant To BeElectric Light Orchestra19811
The WhaleElectric Light Orchestra19771
Ticket To The MoonElectric Light Orchestra19811
Turn To StoneElectric Light Orchestra19771
TwilightElectric Light Orchestra19811
Wild West HeroElectric Light Orchestra19771
WishingElectric Light Orchestra19791
Yours Truly, 2095Electric Light Orchestra19811