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CDs: 2275
LPs: 253
12" Singles: 629
7" Singles: 901
MP3s: 8336

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Robert Palmer
 (also see: The Power Station)
 COLLECTIONS    8 Items  
 Early In The Morning  12" Single (Vinyl)
 I Didn't Mean To Turn You On  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Addictions Volume 1  CD
 Addictions Volume 2  CD
 Riptide  CD
 Simply Irresistible  CD Single
 Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming  CD Single
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
Addicted To LoveRobert Palmer19863
Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)Robert Palmer19791
Best Of Both WorldsRobert Palmer19921
Can We Still Be FriendsRobert Palmer19791
Discipline Of Love (Why Did You Do It)Robert Palmer19851
Disturbing BehaviorRobert Palmer19881
Early In The MorningRobert Palmer19883
Every Kinda PeopleRobert Palmer1978, 19922
Flesh WoundRobert Palmer19861
Get It Through Your HeartRobert Palmer19861
Give Me An Inch GirlRobert Palmer19761
HyperactiveRobert Palmer19861
I Didn't Mean To Turn You OnRobert Palmer19864
I Dream Of WiresRobert Palmer19801
Johnny & MaryRobert Palmer19801
Looking For CluesRobert Palmer19801
Man Smart, Woman SmarterRobert Palmer19761
Maybe It's YouRobert Palmer19921
PrideRobert Palmer19831
Remember To RememberRobert Palmer19921
RiptideRobert Palmer19861
Riptide (Reprise)Robert Palmer19861
She Makes My DayRobert Palmer19881
Simply IrresistibleRobert Palmer19882
Sneakin' Sally Through The AlleyRobert Palmer1975, 19922
Some Guys Have All The LuckRobert Palmer19801
Style KillsRobert Palmer19801
Sweet LiesRobert Palmer19881
Tell Me I'm Not DreamingRobert Palmer19896
The Silver GunRobert Palmer19831
Too Good To Be TrueRobert Palmer 1
Trick BagRobert Palmer19861
What's It Take?Robert Palmer19791
Woke Up LaughingRobert Palmer19881
You Are In My SystemRobert Palmer19831
You're Gonna Get What's ComingRobert Palmer19921