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7" Singles: 901
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Daryl Hall & John Oates
 (also see: Daryl Hall)
 COLLECTIONS    14 Items  
 Did It In A Minute  45 Single (Vinyl)
 I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)  45 Single (Vinyl)
 It's A Laugh  45 Single (Vinyl)
 Kiss On My List  45 Single (Vinyl)
 Private Eyes  45 Single (Vinyl)
 You Make My Dreams  45 Single (Vinyl)
 You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling  45 Single (Vinyl)
 Family Man  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Maneater  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Method Of Modern Love  12" Single (Vinyl)
 One On One  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Your Imagination  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Rock 'N' Soul Part 1  CD
 So Close  CD Single
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
Adult EducationDaryl Hall & John Oates19842
AfricaDaryl Hall & John Oates19801
Bank On Your LoveDaryl Hall & John Oates19851
Delayed ReactionDaryl Hall & John Oates19821
Did It In A MinuteDaryl Hall & John Oates19821
Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear The Voices)Daryl Hall & John Oates19801
Everything Your Heart DesiresDaryl Hall & John Oates19881
Family ManDaryl Hall & John Oates19832
Gotta Lotta NerveDaryl Hall & John Oates19801
Head Above WaterDaryl Hall & John Oates19811
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)Daryl Hall & John Oates19812
It's A LaughDaryl Hall & John Oates19781
Jingle Bell RockDaryl Hall & John Oates19851
Kiss On My ListDaryl Hall & John Oates19812
ManeaterDaryl Hall & John Oates19823
Method Of Modern LoveDaryl Hall & John Oates1984, 19853
One On OneDaryl Hall & John Oates19832
Out Of TouchDaryl Hall & John Oates19842
Possession ObsessionDaryl Hall & John Oates19851
Private EyesDaryl Hall & John Oates19811
Rich GirlDaryl Hall & John Oates19771
Sara SmileDaryl Hall & John Oates19761
Say It Isn't SoDaryl Hall & John Oates19832
Serious MusicDaryl Hall & John Oates19781
She's GoneDaryl Hall & John Oates1974, 19761
So CloseDaryl Hall & John Oates19903
Tell Me What You WantDaryl Hall & John Oates19811
Unguarded MinuteDaryl Hall & John Oates19811
Wait For MeDaryl Hall & John Oates 1
You Make My DreamsDaryl Hall & John Oates19811
Your ImaginationDaryl Hall & John Oates19822
You've Lost That Lovin' FeelingDaryl Hall & John Oates19801