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The B-52's
 (also see: Fred Schneider, Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson)
 COLLECTIONS    23 Items  
 Good Stuff  45 Single (Vinyl)
 Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Summer Of Love  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Party Mix  LP (Vinyl)
 Rock Lobster (EP)  LP (Vinyl)
 Whammy!  LP (Vinyl)
 Bouncing Off The Satellites  CD
 Cosmic Thing  CD
 Funplex  CD
 Good Stuff  CD
 Mesopotamia  CD
 Party Mix  CD
 The B-52's  CD
 Time Capsule  CD
 Whammy!  CD
 Wild Planet  CD
 Good Stuff(1)  CD Single
 Good Stuff(2)  CD Single
 Hallucinating Pluto  CD Single
 Love Shack  CD Single
 Revolution Earth  CD Single
 Roam  CD Single
 Summer Of Love  CD Single
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
52 GirlsThe B-52's19792
53 Miles West Of VenusThe B-52's19801
6060-842The B-52's19791
Ain't It A ShameThe B-52's19861
Bad InfluenceThe B-52's19921
Big BirdThe B-52's19831
Breezin'The B-52's19921
BushfireThe B-52's19891
ButterbeanThe B-52's19831
CakeThe B-52's19831
Channel ZThe B-52's19893
CommunicateThe B-52's19861
Cosmic ThingThe B-52's19891
Dance This Mess AroundThe B-52's19792
Dancing NowThe B-52's20081
Deadbeat ClubThe B-52's19901
DebbieThe B-52's19982
Deep SleepThe B-52's19831
Detour Thru Your MindThe B-52's19861
Deviant IngredientThe B-52's20081
Devil In My CarThe B-52's19801
Dirty Back RoadThe B-52's19801
Don't WorryThe B-52's19831
DowntownThe B-52's19791
DreamlandThe B-52's19921
Dry CountyThe B-52's19891
Eyes Wide OpenThe B-52's20081
Follow Your BlissThe B-52's19891
FunplexThe B-52's20083
Girl From Ipanema Goes To GreenlandThe B-52's19865
Give Me Back My ManThe B-52's19802
Good StuffThe B-52's19926
Hallucinating PlutoThe B-52's19983
Hero WorshipThe B-52's19791
Hot CornerThe B-52's20081
Hot Pants ExplosionThe B-52's19921
HouseworkThe B-52's19861
Is That You Mo-Dean?The B-52's19925
Juicy JungleThe B-52's19861
Juliet Of The SpiritsThe B-52's20081
JunebugThe B-52's19891
Keep This Party GoingThe B-52's20081
LavaThe B-52's19792
Legal TenderThe B-52's19832
Love In The Year 3000The B-52's20081
Love ShackThe B-52's19897
LovelandThe B-52's19831
MesopotamiaThe B-52's19831
Moon 83The B-52's19831
Nip It In The BudThe B-52's19831
Party Out Of BoundsThe B-52's19803
Planet ClaireThe B-52's19792
Private IdahoThe B-52's19802
PumpThe B-52's20081
Queen Of Las VegasThe B-52's19831
Quiche LorraineThe B-52's19801
Return To DreamlandThe B-52's19921
Revolution EarthThe B-52's19925
RoamThe B-52's198910
Rock LobsterThe B-52's1978, 19805
Runnin' AroundThe B-52's19801
She Brakes For RainbowsThe B-52's19861
Song For A Future GenerationThe B-52's19831
Strobe LightThe B-52's19802
Summer Of LoveThe B-52's1986, 19986
Tell It Like It T-I-IsThe B-52's19921
The World's Green LaughterThe B-52's19921
Theme For A Nude BeachThe B-52's19861
There's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)The B-52's19791
Throw That Beat In The Garbage CanThe B-52's19831
Too Much To Think AboutThe B-52's20081
TopazThe B-52's19891
TrismThe B-52's19831
UltravioletThe B-52's20081
Vision Of A KissThe B-52's19921
Whammy KissThe B-52's19831
WigThe B-52's19861
Work That SkirtThe B-52's19831
(Meet) The FlintstonesThe BC-52's19941