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Alan Parsons Project
 COLLECTIONS    4 Items  
 Time  45 Single (Vinyl)
 The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project  LP (Vinyl)
 The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project  CD
 The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project Volume 2  CD
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
I Wouldn't Want To Be Like YouAlan Parsons19771
Ammonia AvenueAlan Parsons Project19831
BreakdownAlan Parsons Project19771
Can't Take It With YouAlan Parsons Project19781
Damned If I DoAlan Parsons Project19791
Days Are Numbers (The Traveler)Alan Parsons Project19851
Don't Answer MeAlan Parsons Project19842
Don't Let It ShowAlan Parsons Project19771
Eye In The SkyAlan Parsons Project19822
Games People PlayAlan Parsons Project19801
I RobotAlan Parsons Project19751
Let's Talk About MeAlan Parsons Project19852
Light Of The WorldAlan Parsons Project19851
LimelightAlan Parsons Project19841
LuciferAlan Parsons Project19791
Old And WiseAlan Parsons Project19821
Prime TimeAlan Parsons Project19841
PsychobabbleAlan Parsons Project19821
PyramaniaAlan Parsons Project19781
Sirius / Eye In The SkyAlan Parsons Project19821
Standing On Higher GroundAlan Parsons Project19851
Step By StepAlan Parsons Project19821
StereotomyAlan Parsons Project19851
The Gold BugAlan Parsons Project19801
The RavenAlan Parsons Project19761
The Turn Of A Friendly CardAlan Parsons Project19791
TimeAlan Parsons Project19812
What Goes Up...Alan Parsons Project19781
You Don't BelieveAlan Parsons Project19831