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7" Singles: 901
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Huey Lewis & The News
 (also see: USA For Africa)
 COLLECTIONS    5 Items  
 If This Is It  45 Single (Vinyl)
 Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Small World  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Time Flies…The Best Of Huey Lewis & The News  CD
 Small World  CD Single
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
100 Years From NowHuey Lewis & The News19961
Back In TimeHuey Lewis & The News19852
Bad Is BadHuey Lewis & The News19821
Change Of HeartHuey Lewis & The News19821
Do You Believe In LoveHuey Lewis & The News19812
Doing It All For My BabyHuey Lewis & The News19871
Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)Huey Lewis & The News19892
Heart And SoulHuey Lewis & The News19833
I Want A New DrugHuey Lewis & The News19842
If This Is ItHuey Lewis & The News19841
It's AlrightHuey Lewis & The News19931
Jacob's LadderHuey Lewis & The News19871
Perfect WorldHuey Lewis & The News19881
Small WorldHuey Lewis & The News19882
So Little KindnessHuey Lewis & The News19961
Stuck With YouHuey Lewis & The News19861
The Heart Of Rock & RollHuey Lewis & The News19842
The Power Of LoveHuey Lewis & The News19851
'Til The Day AfterHuey Lewis & The News19951
Trouble In ParadiseHuey Lewis & The News19851
When The Time Has ComeHuey Lewis & The News19961
Workin' For A Livin'Huey Lewis & The News19821