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The Doobie Brothers
 (also see: Michael McDonald, Patrick Simmons)
 COLLECTIONS    8 Items  
 What A Fool Believes  12" Single (Vinyl)
 Greatest Hits 2  LP (Vinyl)
 Minute By Minute  LP (Vinyl)
 Best Of The Doobies  CD
 Best Of The Doobies Volume 2  CD
 Dangerous  CD Single
 Need A Little Taste Of Love  CD Single
 One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)  CD Single
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
Black WaterThe Doobie Brothers19741
China GroveThe Doobie Brothers19731
DangerousThe Doobie Brothers19912
Dependin' On YouThe Doobie Brothers19791
Don't Stop To Watch The WheelsThe Doobie Brothers19781
Echoes Of LoveThe Doobie Brothers19771
Here To Love YouThe Doobie Brothers19821
How Do The Fools Survive?The Doobie Brothers19781
It Keeps You Runnin'The Doobie Brothers19761
Jesus Is Just AlrightThe Doobie Brothers19721
Listen To The MusicThe Doobie Brothers19722
Little Darling (I Need You)The Doobie Brothers19771
Long Train Runnin'The Doobie Brothers19732
Minute By MinuteThe Doobie Brothers19791
Need A Little Taste Of LoveThe Doobie Brothers19891
One By OneThe Doobie Brothers19801
One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)The Doobie Brothers19891
One Step CloserThe Doobie Brothers19801
Open Your EyesThe Doobie Brothers19781
Real LoveThe Doobie Brothers19801
Rockin' Down The HighwayThe Doobie Brothers19721
South City Midnight LadyThe Doobie Brothers19731
Steamer Lane BreakdownThe Doobie Brothers19781
Sweet Feelin'The Doobie Brothers19781
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)The Doobie Brothers19751
Takin' It To The StreetsThe Doobie Brothers19762
What A Fool BelievesThe Doobie Brothers19792
Without YouThe Doobie Brothers19731
You Belong To MeThe Doobie Brothers19831
You Never ChangeThe Doobie Brothers19781