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CDs: 2275
LPs: 253
12" Singles: 629
7" Singles: 901
MP3s: 8336

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George Benson
 COLLECTIONS    6 Items  
 Lady Love Me (One More Time)  45 Single (Vinyl)
 On Broadway  45 Single (Vinyl)
 This Masquerade  45 Single (Vinyl)
 In Your Eyes  LP (Vinyl)
 Livin' Inside Your Love  LP (Vinyl)
 The George Benson Collection  LP (Vinyl)
 SONGS     Items  (HIT songs listed in Black)
A Change Is Gonna ComeGeorge Benson19791
Before You GoGeorge Benson19791
Being With YouGeorge Benson19831
Breezin'George Benson19762
Cast Your Fate To The WindGeorge Benson19811
Feel Like Making LoveGeorge Benson19831
Give Me The NightGeorge Benson19802
Here Comes The SunGeorge Benson19811
Hey GirlGeorge Benson19791
In Search Of A DreamGeorge Benson19831
In Your EyesGeorge Benson19831
Inside Love (So Personal)George Benson19832
Lady BlueGeorge Benson19781
Lady Love Me (One More Time)George Benson19831
Last Train To ClarksvilleGeorge Benson19811
Late At NightGeorge Benson19831
Livin' Inside Your LoveGeorge Benson19791
Love BalladGeorge Benson19792
Love Is A Hurtin' ThingGeorge Benson19791
Love Will Come AgainGeorge Benson19831
Moody's MoodGeorge Benson19811
Nassau DayGeorge Benson19791
Nature BoyGeorge Benson19811
Never Give Up On A Good ThingGeorge Benson19821
Never Too Far To FallGeorge Benson19831
On BroadwayGeorge Benson19782
Prelude To FallGeorge Benson19791
Soulful StrutGeorge Benson19791
The Greatest Love Of AllGeorge Benson19771
This MasqueradeGeorge Benson19761
Turn Your Love AroundGeorge Benson19811
Unchained MelodyGeorge Benson19791
Use MeGeorge Benson19831
Welcome Into My WorldGeorge Benson19791
White RabbitGeorge Benson19811
You're Never Too Far From MeGeorge Benson19791